Indie Flashback: Player Uno’s Fourth Match Ever

by Daniel Johnson

Player Uno vs. “The Freak” Zakk Manson

Since there is no ISW Free Match Monday this week, I figured I’d feature a clip of former ISW Championship holder, Player Uno. Not just any clip mind you, but according to the man himself, the fourth match he ever wrestled. If this match from Canadian Pro Wrestling (CPW) feels a little bit like you are watching someone’s home movies then it is because you pretty much are. Of course, the folks at TheNerdSlam have never had a problem picking apart their old matches.

Uno explains that he was at the incredibly young age of 15 when this match took place. As such he wasn’t nearly as seasoned as he is now after about 10 years in the industry. Uno and opponent, “The Freak” Zakk Manson go through an elaborate exchange of pins and reversals to open. The two then hit a double clothesline on one another that sends them both down. Manson then unloads on Uno with some punches until Uno abruptly clamps on a headlock. Manson doesn’t stay in that headlock long and instead hits Uno with a Gangrel suplex. Manson then delivers a bulldog and commentator Cecil Nyx and Uno both marvel at Uno’s selling of the maneuver. Uno comes back with a suplex variation off of the ropes that knocks both men down. Uno is the first to his feet and hits a leg lariat followed by a camel clutch, which Uno manages to clap while locking it on. I don’t think even The Iron Sheik could do that!

All good things must come to an end (even though at the conclusion of this bout Uno says the match sucked). Prior to the finish Uno hits a tombstone piledriver, but Zakk is the one who walks away with the victory after planting Uno’s dome into the mat.

For some matches that reflect Uno’s current in-ring ability check out his BATTLEWAR stuff.

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