Indie Flashback: Cecil Nyx’s First Match

by Daniel Johnson

Cecil Nyx vs. Derek Hamilton

At the beginning of the summer the folks over at TheNerdSlam uploaded the first match of one of it’s key contributors, Cecil Nyx. From the long ago date of January 30, 2010 when the film Inception was about to blow people’s minds, Chris Cornell announced the reunion of Soundgarden and Simon Cowell was getting ready to leave American Idol, Nyx put on a blue and yellow singlet to wrestle Derek Hamilton in front of a Real Warrior Entertainment (RWE) crowd. Since this is Nyx’s first match it is a fairly meat and potatoes affair with the basics highlighted. The clip is made a little more interesting because Nyx along with Player Uno offer commentary and even point out their family, friends and family of friends in the audience.

Hamilton opens with a side headlock, but after briefly attacking Hamilton’s arm, Nyx clamps on a side headlock of his own. Hamilton hits the first impact move of the match with a hip toss and pulls out some old standards like a bodyslam, a suplex and a missed splash into a corner. Nyx hits a swell looking belly-to-belly suplex, which is probably the best executed move of the encounter. Nyx also performs a gutwrench suplex, but the tide soon turns.  After trading some strikes and two count attempts neither man comes out on top as the match is declared a time limit draw.

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