ROH Throwback Thursday: Jacobs Wrestles Whitmer

by Daniel Johnson

Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer

In this week’s ROH Thorwback Thursday clip from ROH In Your Face, Jimmy Jacobs takes on the now recently retired BJ Whitmer during a time when both men were red hot. The two fight in the aisle prior to the match and despite being thrown into the guardrail twice, when the match officially starts in the ring, Jacobs takes an early lead after a head scissors. There is an interesting dynamic to this match as despite being on the offense Jacobs is smack dab in the middle of his storyline of being infatuated with manager, Lacey. Because of this rather than really putting his boots to Whitmer his offense is often tame with the exception of a maneuver or two such as a missile dropkick from up top.

On his end Whitmer plays a completely focused character because adding to the stakes of this match is the fact that the winner gets a shot at Bryan Danielson’s ROH World Championship. Whitmer comes close to winning the match with a jumping tombstone piledriver. However, after Jacobs barely kicks out, the match really heats up when Jacobs pulls Lacey into the ring after she interferes and kisses her. This sends Jacobs into a rage and the match spills into the audience. When the battle is brought back to the ring Whitmer powerbombs Jacobs from the top rope to the outside and goes with him into a group of people for a sick finish. There is no winner as the match is then thrown out,

In other ROH news unless you have been under a rock for a week or so you should know that Adam Cole also recently won the ROH World Championship.

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