ACW: Chavez Takes on Miss Maulie

by Daniel Johnson

Chavez vs. Miss Maulie

Last week the folks at ACW uploaded some boss matches, one of which has already been covered. From the minute you hear “Walk” by Pantera play in this clip you know there is going to be some interesting action going down. While Rob Van Dam doesn’t show up Miss Maulie puts on a fine show against Chavez in this intergender match. Maulie starts off by trying to shoulder block Chavez twice, but it is like trying to shoulder block Thing from The Fantastic Four or just regular Michael Chiklis.

Instead of Chavez going down, Maulie gets knocked off her feet with a big lariat. Maulie gets in a forearm, but then Chavez just picks her up and puts her in a corner then gives her a shot to the gut. This drives Maulie crazy who then hits a Lou Thesz press and unloads with some shots of her own. Chavez rolls her up for a two count then scores a suplex and another two count. Soon Chavez and Maulie are just trading strikes until Maulie gets in a small package. After a spinebuster, a slap to the face and a reverse rocker dropper, Chavez’s manager Little Tony is powerless to do anything to save his client. Maulie picks up the unexpected win. despite not using an RVD inspired frogsplash.

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