ACW: An Athena Squash Match

by Daniel Johnson

Athena vs. Machiko

I almost hesitate to call this a squash match since Machiko manages a little offense. However, when you realize Athena is never in any fear of losing and the encounter is about five minutes long it is tough to argue it is anything else. This match shows just how much faith Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) has in Athena who, the company has pushed recently with the ACW Televised Championship.

To start the match Athena merely shoves Machiko down. Machiko responds with a kick to the shin and a sloppy attempt to slam Athena that she botches and never comes back to. Instead Machiko delivers a kick to the gut then some punishment to Athena’s face followed by a headlock. Athena doesn’t suffer for long and comes back with a slam from a belly-to-back suplex position, which if it was done with a little more force could be a pretty awesome finisher. Athena then explodes into a series of kicks and signals to the crowd for one more. This last kick is of the scissor kick variety. Next, Athena lands some punches, a tumbleweed clothesline and a snapmare before stopping from a standard sleeper hold.

Machiko’s last chance to shine on the offensive is a jawbreaker followed by an Irish whip and two clotheslines. Athena then ends it all with a scissor kick that is tough to find a comparison to. Sheamus perhaps? Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat perhaps? Wait, no that would be a bicycle kick. At any rate Machiko submits to Athena.

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