Indie Flashback: Scot Summers Defends the ACW Heavyweight Championship Against Mat Fitchett

by Daniel Johnson

Scot Summers vs. Mat Fitchett

Here is a fun title match from Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) that took place in 2010. To set the stage, Summers was in his third reign with the ACW Heavyweight Championship, having also held the title in 2007 and 2008. Contrasting with Summers’ experience was Mat Fitchett who was a relative newcomer not just to ACW, but to wrestling in general, more or less. Yet, even without this knowledge all one has to do to see the disadvantage Fitchett has is to take a look at Summer’ build then take a look at Fitchett’s.

A lot of the dynamic of this match can be summed up in an exchange where Summers no sells a whole bunch of punches then tosses Fitchett up for a lethal looking death valley driver. Really, unless you’re watching a Bill Goldberg match it is rare you will see a guy get manhandled like that.

Although ACW has had it’s fair share of squash matches it turns out that this isn’t one after all. Fitchett wiggles out of a powerbomb and gets a close count with a neckbreaker. From there Fitchett lands a tornado DDT variation and hits a table top moonsault. For those unfamiliar with a table top moonsault, it is a moonsault performed off of an opponent’s back when they are on all fours. Unsurprisingly, Summers doesn’t take too kindly to this and hits  a spear so devastating I had a Rhyno flashback. Speaking of ECW, Fitchett borrows a move from Rob Van Dam and deliver RVD’s coast to coast kick into a chair…as that chair is of course pressed against Summers’ face. This proves to be Fitchett’s last hurrah because Summers then sets the chair down and plants him on it for a win.

This bout allowed Fitchett a chance to show off his then already rich moveset (which since then has only grown) while managing to keep Summers looking strong.

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