Beyond Wrestling: Two NYWC Wrestlers Debut

by Daniel Johnson

Blake Morris vs. Francis Kip Stevens

This match from the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory features the Beyond Wrestling debuts of Blake Morris and Francis Kip Stevens, two young talents from the New York Wrestling Connection. Morris looks a little bit like a young Chris Jericho if Jericho was a surfer. Stevens has a straight-up nerd gimmick. Just looking at Stevens makes me think he could be great in a geeky tag team with Scotty O’Shea.

Despite playing a nerdy character, Stevens is a brave little dweeb and goes at Morris full force. Stevens actually hits a beautiful missile dropkick from the top rope early in the match, which is no easy feat given that Stevens is a wearing dress clothes and suspenders. Predictably Morris savages Stevens after a while and clobbers him with a mixture of kicks and punches. Morris also hits a wonderful release German suplex in there somewhere. After giving Stevens an attitude adjustment (both literally and the John Cena move), Morris attempts to finish off Stevens with a cross body from the top rope. However, Morris’ momentum works against him and Stevens ends up getting the pinfall victory. Hopefully, Beyond Wrestling will showcase more of these two because Morris has a great look and Stevens has a fun gimmick.

In other news there have been plenty more Beyond Wrestling clips uploaded lately including a music video for the Beyond Wrestling Americanrana show and a preview of Beyond Wrestling We Care A Lot.

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