Beyond Wrestling: Shynron’s Second Match

by Daniel Johnson

Shynron vs. Eric Corvis

Shynron has popped up for a variety of promotions since he first debuted in 2010, but in Beyond Wrestling he is still one of the newcomers. After defeating Anthony Stone some months back he set his sights on Eric Corvis, a veteran of the promotion who at the time held 11 points in the Beyond Wrestling points system.

To start the match Shynron rolls Corvis up and…gets a three count! This actually happens, but instead of being the shortest match in Beyond Wrestling history it turns out Corvis was holding the ropes and the referee restarts the match after Corvis grabs a cameraman and shows the referee the evidence. Still, the wrestlers at the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory are behind Shynron and Shynron starts walking on his hands to give Corvis a hurricanrana and then jumps on Corvis to give him another! After some more fast pace action Shynron slows things down with a submission. It’s a good thing too because no matter how good Shynron’s cardio may be, a wrestler can’t help but blow up after a few minutes at that speed.

Unfortunately for Shynron this slower style plays right into Corvis’ hands and soon Corvis is the one applying a submission. At one point Corvis gets so cocky he grabs a book that was on the ring apron and starts reading it. Surprisingly enough Corvis does this several times throughout the match, first as a joke, but then later it is almost like he is trying to read it for strategy. Other than that the dynamic of the match works so that Shynron tries to get the speed of the match up while Corvis fights against it by slowing Shynron down with submissions and strikes.

As the match winds down Shynron nearly wins with an ace crusher and a beautiful 450 splash from the bottom rope. Corvis slows Shynron down again this time with a package piledriver on his knee followed by another piledriver. Corvis soon singles for his finisher, the snapmare driver, but instead Shynron rolls him up in the middle of the ring for a win. A great showing from both men! Hopefully Shynron can do a little more high flying next time around as it really adds to his matches.

In other Beyond Wrestling news the folks at the company have posted a slew of preview clips this week featuring the likes of of Drew Gulak, Christina Von Eerie, Anthony Stone and others. They can be viewed here, here and here.

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