Indie Flashback: Athena Takes on Rachel Summerlyn

by Daniel Johnson

Athena vs. Rachel Summerlyn

Athena shows off her heel skills in this brief encounter from Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) against Rachel Summerlyn. Amazingly despite both wrestlers still being in their mid 20s, when this match took place in 2010 Athena and Summerlyn each had a few years experience already under their respective belts.

Adding to the dynamic of this match is Athena’s jealousy of cohort Davey Vega who gets a bigger pop than her during ring introductions. Athena starts the action by rolling Summerlyn up, but Summerlyn kicks out unlike some people. The two exchange a series of two counts followed by a series of kicks. Athena calls for a timeout, but there are no time outs in wrestling! Athena instead rakes Summerlyn’s eyes followed by some forearms and a headlock. Classic heel work! From there Davey Vega accidentally trips Athena. Summerlyn takes advantage of the miscommunication between the two heels and gets a near fall after a suplex. Just a suplex really? Not even an Eddie Guerrero three amigos style suplex? Well, I guess that’s alright. Anyway, after Summerlyn nearly wins with a move that normally wouldn’t even put down “Iron” Mike Sharpe, Vega with some additional assistance interferes again to help Athena pick up the victory.

While there is some stuff worth nitpicking about the finish Athena demonstrated some natural ability as a heel. As such it is no surprise that she continues to tear it up on the indie scene.

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