25 and Under: The Son of a Prince, Nick Primo

by Daniel Johnson

Nick Primo vs. Francisco Ciatso

Nick Primo is the son of Prince Iaukea, a man who held some WCW championships and competed alongside some of the best cruiserweights the world has to offer. Primo has a great look to him that I could really see WWE going for and it also helps he is based in Florida.

This match comes from the company formerly known as Pro Wrestling Fusion (PWF) and pits Primo against the older, chubbier, Francisco Ciatso. Ciatso comes to the ring with a stable that makes me want to go to the bathroom just reading it’s name, The Double Deuce Social Club. There is a lot of stalling to begin and Ciatso complains about hair pulling despite having barely enough hair to cover his scalp. After a while Ciatso smacks Primo and for some reason the referee holds Primo back. When Primo finally gets to Ciatso he let loose with a series of shots. Although Ciatso hits a back elbow, punishes Primo with a headlock and has his stable cheat for him, Primo rolls him up to get to the pay window as Dusty Rhodes would say, daddy.

In some ways Primo being based in Florida is a blessing and a curse. After all he may be close to WWE developmental, but if he was in Japan perhaps his dad would get a push he could latch onto since Japanese promotions have no problem pushing old WCW talent.

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