25 and Under: Josh Hess Faces a Canadian Biker at FOW Hardcore Holiday 2012

by Daniel Johnson

“Gentleman” Jim Jordan vs. “The Hess Express” Josh Hess

“The Hess Express” Josh Hess has been having some good showings since this match took place for the Future of Wrestling (FOW) in 2012. FOW Hardcore Holiday 2012 was one of the last shows FOW put on under that name to date, but both Hess and his opponent, “Gentleman” Jim Jordan were making their FOW debuts that night.

Speaking of Jordan according to the commentators Blake Chapman and “The Outlaw” JR James, Jordan has 30 years of experience in pro wrestling and has mostly worked in Canada. If you have any further information feel free to drop me a line, but from what I can make of it Jordan’s gimmick is that he is a Canadian biker.

This is a microwave match in that it is short and sweet and if you put some food in your microwave before watching it your vittles will be done by the time the match is over. Hess heels it up by blindsiding Jordan from the start. Hess gives Jordan a big back bodydrop, but then gets chopped in three different corners by Jordan. From there Jordan lands two scoop slams, a big elbow off the ropes, a suplex and a dropkick. Hess manages a clothesline out of desperation, but a reverse neckbreaker wins the match for the Canadian biker.

Hess was so new to the wrestling scene when this bout took place that the cagematch.net write-up of the event only lists him as “I Believe Student #1.” However, in 2014 Hess has been making a name for himself by performing more and more on the Florida independent wrestling scene. This year alone he has wrestled for a variety of promotions including I Believe in Wrestling (IBIW), Full Impact Pro (FIP) and even in a dark match at EVOLVE 26.

For full results for FOW Hardcore Holiday 2012 click here.

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