25 and Under: Zack Monstar at NEW

by Daniel Johnson

Zack Monstar vs. Bruce Genesis

Zack Monstar was just 22 year-old when this match for southern Florida based New Era Wrestling (NEW) took place. If Florida could be described as a giant penis than NEW is based out of just above the pee hole and to the left (or right depending on how you are getting to the giant penis) in Fort Myers. Monstar has had an eventful run in that promotion and since this match has held the NEW Heavyweight Championship and the NEW Tag Team Championship with partner Dravin Frost.

As for this match it starts off with Monstar shoving the smaller Bruce Genesis down. Although Monstar is clearly the bigger man he still gets cheered over Genesis. Monstar gets the first move in, but then Genesis dominates the match and most impressively hits a crossbody after bouncing off the middle rope and a rocker dropper. Monstar comes back with some strikes and a hip toss before kipping up and hitting a suplex. It looks like Monstar might even go for some rolling suplexes, but he instead goes for a submission. Genesis goes for another crossbody a bit later, but gets caught for a spinebuster instead. A little after that Genesis pulls out a great looking 450 splash (is there any other kind?). The finish sees less high flying and ends with a go to sleep from Monstar.

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