25 and Under: Chris Bohren at OTW

by Daniel Johnson


“Full Throttle” Chris Bohren vs. Knuckles

Don’t let the name fool you, New Jersey born “Full” Throttle” Chris Bohren isn’t boring at all. Bohren has wrestled a few places since debuting in 2008 and has made a splash at Old Time Wrestling (OTW) where he has been one half of the OTW Tag Team Champions.

In 2013 Borhen had perhaps his most notable year yet. In October 2013 he debuted for Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and the Maven Bentley Association (MBA) by defeating Anthony Vigilante at the joint CZW/MBA The Memory Remains show. More recently Bohren got his own page on popular website cagematch.net. Although the Chris Borhen Fan Page has not been active in 2014 there is always the chance that this year will outshine the last.

Before working for CZW/MBA, Bohren had this match for OTW. His opponent is a larger man named Knuckles, which sets up a good dynamic for the encounter as Bohren can easily get cheered for being the underdog face. The performance opens with Knuckles getting Bohren in a headlock. Rather than any “boring” chants, the young competitor instead gets a small “Chris” chant for his effort.

The affair is brief and features some standard feeling out and technical wrestling. Bohren starts the final portion of the match with some strikes to Knuckles’ face and soon tries to go to the ropes where Knuckles gets him. Bohren tries to finish it all with an ace crusher, but Knuckles just isn’t having it. Following Bohren’s in-ring performance he does a little more work on the mic.

The full match can be seen right here:

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