25 and Under: Cam Zagami Tests His Skills at WXW in Pennsylvania

by Daniel Johnson


Cam Zagami vs. Afa Jr.

Cam Zagami is a 21 year-old wrestler originally based out of New Hampshire and he plays a great horse’s ass. For the last few years the place he has wrestled most often has been Chaotic Wrestling (CW), a Massachusetts based promotion, which is a short ride (or a hell of a long walk) from New Hampshire. He also has a wonderful YouTube channel. Despite being as young as he is Zagami has already traveled a bit and a few months ago ventured to World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) in Pennsylvania where he took on a marquee name in Afa Jr.

Within minutes of watching this clip, what an amazing arrogant heel Zagami is, should be obvious. From the hairspray to his leather jacket to coming out to “Larger than Life” by the Backstreet Boys, Zagami has a ton of boxes checked on Professional Wrestling 101’s list of what makes a fantastic cocky heel. The real masterful strokes though may be in the more subtle acts such as Zagami twirling as he teases hecklers in the crowd.

For as hated as Zagami is, Afa is loved. The dude has been with WXW since 1998. Even if he hadn’t though he’d still be a member of the famed Anoa’i family and it’s tough not to get excited when you know one of them is going to murder a heel. This was the third match on the card at WXW A Family Tradition so it makes sense that neither man tries to steal the show. This allows for the match to be loose and fun even if it is a little basic.

Afa starts by pushing Zagami down to the mat twice from the lockup position. If Zagami keeps taking that kind of punishment he won’t have the same handsome mug he showed off in his recent video submission for WWE Tough Enough.

As Afa is in control he gets Zagami in a corner and for a second it looks like Zagami is going to get a total chopfest. Then Afa remembers he is a Samoan wrestler and instead devastates Zagami with some vicious looking headbutts.

The only time Zagami manages to gain control is when he ducks Afa and gives him a cheap shot. During this period Zagami shows off his own variation of the people’s elbow as he taunts the crowd by spelling out,” Cam” the way the Village People people spell out, “YMCA” before dropping his arm across Afa. This angers up Afa who makes his comeback in a no frills, but entertaining way. When Zagami goes up top for an attack Afa catches him a super kick worthy of Shawn Michaels. Really, it reminded me of the time HBK caught Shelton Benjamin with the move off of the ropes on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Speaking of WWE wrestlers from the 1990s, Afa summons the spirit of The Undertaker for his finisher, which is a powerbomb that has some resemblance to the last ride.

Logically enough, Zagami closes out the clip by selling like a dead man as the referee counts three.

The full match can be seen right here:

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