25 and Under: Nick Iggy is on the Rise

by Daniel Johnson

Nick Iggy vs. Damien Payne

Starting last year Nick Iggy has gained a good deal of momentum as he is starting to show up in some relatively big indies. Since 2013 Iggy has had appearances for Beyond Wrestling, Resistance Pro and Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW). Before that Iggy was wrestling for some lesser known indies including a promotion known simply as ATL Wrestling where he was one half of the ATL Tag Team Champions with various partners.

Iggy has become well acquainted with Payne and the two have worked a slew of matches together, in tags and in singles competition. Iggy focuses on Payne’s arm from the start and hands him two nice looking armdrags. Someone has been watching his Ricky Steamboat tapes! Iggy then busts out some even more impressive moves including a monkey flip and an attempt at slice bread #2.

Payne counters this last move and then pulls out some heel tactics from Professional Wrestling 101 by clawing Iggy’s eyes and choking him with the ropes. The two are unable to put each other away as Payne hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then Iggy comes back with a series of moves ending in a dropkick. Payne signals for the end a short bit later when setting up a powerbomb, but instead eats a back body drop. Iggy then uses the old 619 finisher of Rey Mysterio, Jr. and a top rope cross body to win the match.

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