25 and Under: Josh Shooter Gets His Stink on RCW

by Daniel Johnson

Josh Shooter vs. Luke Santamaria

The phrase breakneck speed gets thrown around a lot, but it would be tough to accurately describe this match from Riot City Wrestling (RCW) in Australia any other way. Josh Shooter, still a teenager when this bout took place, starts his offense by kicking Luke Santamaria in the gut then following it up with some strikes. Within a minute Luke has hit Shooter with a headscissors’ attack, forced him into a handshake of all things then dropkicked Shooter out of the ring after Shooter got tangled in the ropes.

Shooter eventually really heels it up when he slows down the pace of the match with a run of the mill slam and a bit later a suplex. However, Shooter really shows what a bad guy he can be when he locks Santamaria in a submission then reaches in the back of his trunks for several seconds. Shooter gears up for the dreaded stink palm, which is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than get his palm in Santamaria’s face, Santamaria knocks the stink palm in Shooter’s face instead. From there Santamaria tries to win the match in three very different ways. Santamaria hits Shooter with a big splash then clamps on a guillotine and finally finishes him off with an ace crusher.

Since this match took place Shooter has traveled outside of his native Australia and worked for Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW). More recently in 2014 he has been working for Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) where he has wrestled since 2012. There he recently had a best of three series with another young Australian talent named JXT. As Shooter’s match with Santamaria shows, he has a knack (some would say a curse) for making the man he loses to look really good so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that JXT won that series.

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