Old School Flashback: Cousin Bubba Battles Austin James for $500 at PWI

by Daniel Johnson

Cousin Bubba vs. Austin James

Cousin Bubba takes some verbal abuse in this clip from Pro Wrestling International (PWI) when heel Austin James mocks him for being a pig farmer and says he could beat him anywhere, anyplace. Bubba agrees to wrestle James the following week when James says he’ll put up $500, which Bubba will get unless James can beat Bubba in five minutes.

Unlike some other clips I’ve posted from the Indianapolis, Indiana based PWI this clip does not feature commentary by “The Real Deal” RD Reynolds aka the man later behind Wrestlecrap. On the plus side the clip includes the PWI Championship Wrestling intro which looks to be straight out of 1983 despite being produced in 1995. Perhaps with mainstream wrestling in the gutter at the time, producer R. Jeffrey Smith was going for a retro look to remind folks of wrestling’s heyday.

At any rate Dave Yearwood calls the action alongside James’ own kin, Dallas James. Despite having one of his “relatives” call the match James gets no love on commentary. With good reason too! In the shortest five minutes that have ever taken place (around three minutes and 45 seconds unless the match was going on at the same time as that eightiestastic intro) James just cannot put Bubba away. To James’ discredit the moves he tries to put Bubba away with only range from a punch to a schoolyard push to a very slow “running” stomp. Bubba makes it to five minutes and gets a third of a month’s rent for a Manhattan apartment. Perhaps with money in the bank Bubba, 1987’s first winner up of the Uncle Elmer lookalike contest, then let the pigs run free for a few days.

For more old school PWI action click here and here.

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