Old School Flashback: “Big” Rig Rollins Keeps Trucking

by Daniel Johnson


“Big” Rig Rollins vs. Thee Professor

On paper Thee Professor sounds like he should be a prissy manager, but the folks at Pro Wrestling International (PWI) in Indianapolis, Indiana took one look at this Raven’s Flock reject looking dude and gave him that name. Then they put him in the ring with “Big” Rig Rollins.

Before the match, Laura Angelique introduces the bout calling “Big” Rig Rollins, “America’s favorite trucker.” Now, I don’t know about you, but my favorite trucker has always been Bill out of Cookeville, Tennessee. Than again my ranking of America’s truckers has always been a source of controversy.

The in-ring action is pretty bare bones, but to spice things up Professor grabs a scrap off the apron and starts choking Rollins. Professor then laments, “How come I got to wrestle fat guys around here all the time?” A fair question and one that Rollins answers with a clothesline that finishes off Thee Professor. Time for this skinny sap to go back to grading papers on 1990’s grunge.

After the match Bobo Brazil, Jr. comes out and Rollins gives him a warning. Rollins and Brazil were faces then, but Brazil had been teaming with Austin James. James’ older brother in The James Boys, Dallas James was essentially the biggest bastard to ever step foot in PWI. So Rollins cautions Brazil to be careful of Austin and Brazil agrees to do so. Well, that’s just dandy. Not particularly interesting, but dandy nonetheless.

A quick note about Rollins. He may not have been the greatest in-ring performer of all time. However, if he didn’t stop at truck stops all around America and spread his seed we never would have one of WWE’s brightest stars today. Fact.

The full match can be seen right here:

For more Old School Flashback action featuring some brief, but brutal action click here and here.

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