25 and Under: Sonne Wrestles Rick “The Prick” Dominick at WDK in 2011

by Daniel Johnson


Sonne vs. Rick “The Prick” Dominick

A couple of things Wrestling.dk (WDK) out of Denmark have going for it are how young while at the same time experienced some of its workers are. Case in point: Sonne and Rick “The Price” Dominick, who wrestled each other at the WDK Fredericia Feriesjov July 15, 2011 show in Fredericia, Denmark.

Sonne has been wrestling for nearly six years now despite being 25 years-old. He debuted for Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling (XICW) out of Michigan in the United States in September 2008. A pretty unusual place for any teenage Danish wrestlers to debut. I mean just look at those three words, “teenage Danish wrestlers.” There honestly is not that many of those since Denmark is a country of under 6,000,000 people. The few that are around mostly debut in Denmark or some other Nordic country anyway. At any rate Sonne has stuck with it. In 2011, he not only wrestled Dominick, but also won the European Cruiserweight Title Qualification Tournament jointly held by Danish Pro Wrestling (DPW) and the Union Of European Wrestling Alliances (UEWA).

Aside from having an incredible nickname that is slime, a crime and a rhyme, Rick “The Dick” Dominick debuted at an even younger age than Sonne. This currently 25 year-old first wrestled way back in 2005. Since Dominick debuted he has mostly stayed in Denmark, but has worked in Germany as well. In 2013 Dominick won the WDK Championship, which he held for a remarkable 274 days. 2014 has undoubtedly been the best year in his career since he not only regained the WDK Championship after losing it, but also won the DPW Tag Team Championship (with former WWE talent Tatanka no less) and the WDK Light Heavyweight Championship.

Enough history let’s look at the match. Despite being a “prick” Dominick helps setup the fixed camera to record this match. He still is kind of a “prick” though remember so the angle is not so good and a bunch of the action is cut off. After stalling for a while Dominick eye pokes Sonne, which Sonne reacts to with the greatest overselling since Shawn Michaels super kicked Brock Lesnar. Back inside Sonne gets some moves in such as a headlock take down and some very Jerry Lawler-esque punches. In the end though Dominick plants him on the mat with a Samoan drop variation.

The full match can be seen right here:

I have no idea when the next WDK show takes place. However, if you do drop me a line here.

For the full results of the WDK Fredericia Feriesjov July 15, 2011 show click here.

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