25 and Under: “Stylin'” Brandon Kirk at FWF

by Daniel Johnson


“Stylin'” Brandon Kirk vs. Drax O’Brien

The back story to this Funkafied Wrestling Federation (FWF) match is that earlier in the show “Stylin'” Brandon Kirk had been eliminated by Drax O’Brien in a battle royal. O’Brien comes out still selling some injuries reminding fans he had been in a scuffle earlier in the night. While Kirk doesn’t sell any injuries when he comes out he reminds fans of something else. The fact that he’s a dick.

Kirk grabs a mic and cuts a promo on O’Brien saying, “You have no respect for me and as you saw before what I do to people who don’t respect me. I beat the living hell out of them and I’m going to do it again.” Kirk then gives O’Brien a cheap shot by smacking him, but O’Brien figures he’ll prove the heel wrong. O’Brien smacks Kirk back, but then proceeds to get pounded by Kirk for the majority of the match.

O’Brien eventually makes his comeback and climbs up top to finish the bout. However, Kirk catches him with a super kick that takes me back to that one WWE Monday Night Raw between Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin. While I’m making references to past members of The Rockers it’s worth saying after a super kick like that O’Brien isn’t going to kip up like Shawn Michaels or Marty Jannetty.

According to cagematch.net’s entry on Brandon Kirk he has only been wrestling since 2012. Already hitting spots like that super kick, Kirk could have an outstanding career ahead of him.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next FWF show will be FWF Summer Jam on August 16 in Warsaw, Indiana. O’Brien will be wrestling on the card, but Kirk is not scheduled. Click here for more information.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring heels who won’t shut up click here and here.

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