25 and Under: Joey Mayberry Wrestles in a Loser Wears a Dress Match at Believe 90

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoJoey Mayberry vs. Santana Garrett

Joey Mayberry is a 24 year-old wrestler based out of Florida who was trained by Aaron Epic and Chasyn Rance. He chiefly wrestles for I Believe in Wrestling (Believe). On December 13 Mayberry took on former TNA talent Santana Garrett at Believe 90 in a loser wears a dress match.

If you’ve never seen Mayberry wrestle before, arguably the most interesting thing about him is his character. He plays a heel who is a self described redneck who comes to the ring in a shirt and jeans.

Mayberry has mic skills beyond his years. Although the audio quality of this clip isn’t the greatest they can be observed better elsewhere such as his encounter with Lince Dorado at Beleive 77.

An interesting tidbit about Mayberry is that for as good of a talker as he is, one could hardly describe him as ripped. Like any good heel Mayberry uses this to his advantage and it is a regular part of his act. When Mayberry’s shirt comes off and his pasty white skin and poor muscle tone are revealed, some people just can’t help, but react and heckle.

While Mayberry wants to take some clothing off, the story here is that Garrett wants him to put a dress on. Well, good to see the folks at Believe are using some continuity in her character. Although it is probably best not to remember everything about her TNA work with Orlando Jordan.

Garrett uses two armdrags to start and keeps the momentum going with a neckbreaker. Mayberry surprises her with a drop toe hold, but misses an elbow. As the two continue every time Mayberry cheats he pulls out some classic heel moves like pulling Garrett up by the arms while standing on her hair.

Aside from the straight action, the match also features a great comedy spot where Mayberry purposely botches a handspring into a back elbow. This sets up Garrett showcasing her athleticism by beautifully pulling off the same move.

For the finish Mayberry is in control of the match, but gets suprised by a roll up. Mayberry then has to put on a nice little white number while  “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye plays to close the clip, adding further insult to injury.

The full match can be seen right here:

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