25 and Under: Ryan Reign Battles Against the Odds at PWX

by Daniel Johnson


Ryan Reign vs. Chris LeRusso

Ryan Reign, a 23 year-old grappler, wrestling out of Pennsylvania has had an outstanding 2014, perhaps the best year of his career. In January he made his Ring of Honor (ROH) debut in a six man tag team dark match. Reign has also been wrestling more for a company he debuted at last year, Vicious Outcast Wrestling (VOW). Reign even very briefly held the VOW Heavyweight Championship before dropping it to longtime rival Ganon Jones, Jr. at the same show he won it at, VOW August Annihilation.

Before all that though Reign began wrestling for Pro Wrestling eXpress (PWX) in 2009 and continues to work there. At PWX Christmas Chaos 2013, Reign wrestled Chris LeRusso on the fourth match on the card. The two had been eying the PWX Heavyweight Championship, a strap that Reign carried only months earlier.

Reign starts on the mic by telling LeRusso, “If you want to fight, get your ass out here!” LeRusso proceeds, but gets cut off with some shots on the entrance ramp. Jones isn’t content to attack Reign in one promotion and jumps him from behind before the bell rings. Because of the unfair advantage LeRusso dominates with moves like a cannonball legdrop followed by a sleeper. Reign powers out, but LeRusso keeps control.

Reign charges LeRusso with a series of clotheslines, and I mean a lot of clotheslines! It’s like he channeled the wisdom of The Ultimate Warrior or something! Not nearly as stiff though.

The babyface delivers a neckbreaker then gets poked in the eye. Classic Professional Wrestling 101. Despite LeRusso’s cheating, Reign is still posed to win with a reverse figure four when Jones attacks again causing a disqualification. Super Hentai prevents a beat down by making the save. Remember kids, don’t Google search that last guy’s name.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next PWX event will be the PWX 20th Anniversary Show on November 29 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. Click here for tickets.

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