25 and Under: Travis Toxic and William Brady at NCW

by Daniel Johnson


Travis Toxic vs. William Brady

William Brady and Travis Toxic, two of the young lions out of the Montreal, Quebec, Canada based Northern Championship Wrestling (NCW), took each other on at NCW Fin de Session in June 2013.

Although Brady and Toxic are still under 25 years-old they did not go into their encounter inexperienced. Brady has been wrestling since 2004. He has spent most of his career in NCW and is the curent holder of the NCW Inter-Cities Championship being in his second reign with the title. Brady has also worked outside of this promotion a little including wrestling for arguably the most insane Montreal promotion, BATTLEWAR. Likewise despite being a few years younger and spending a lot of his time in NCW, Toxic has worked f a few other promotions including BATTLEWAR,  C4 Wrestling and North Shore Pro Wrestling (NSPW).

The background to this match is that originally Travis Toxic’s former partner, Surfer Mitch was supposed to wrestle William Brady. However because Mitch could not compete and Toxic is a standup guy, Toxic filled in for him. Making this match more difficult for Toxic though was Brady’s rotund and demonic looking manager Rickter “Oz” McGoth. Toxic is a high flying wrestler and the crowd eats his stuff up so before he does anything a “Toxic” chant gets going. Toxic goes onto hit some pretty nifty moves in this one including a running swanton off the apron, a 619 that looks a heck of a lot more organic than when Rey Mysterio, Jr. performs that move and a rolling fireman’s carry slam from the second rope. Meanwhile Brady is a less flashy wrestler who uses a simple ace crusher for his finisher.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next NCW show will be NCW Mesures De Guerre 2014 on September 20 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Click here for more information (site is in French).

For the full results of NCW Fin de Session click here.

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