25 and Under: The Crowd Loves Chuck Awesomesauce at ECCW

by Daniel Johnson


Chuck Awesomesauce vs. Scotty Mac

Chuck Awesomesauce is a 24 year-old wrestler based out of British Columbia, Canada who has primarily worked for Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW) formerly known as Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.

Back in 2011 at ECCW Extreme Rumble, Awesomesauce was ECCW’s top comedy act, which the older and more experienced Scotty Mac didn’t take too kindly to.  Mac’s confrontation with Awesomesauce started after ECCW Championship holder El Phantasmo was announced as the most popular ECCW wrestler  for 2010 as voted on by fans. The number two and three spots are then named between Awesomesauce and Mac , but not before Mac voices his disdain for Awesomesauce. Mac says, “The fact that this man is in the top three makes me want to vomit.”

To start Mac lunges at Awesomesauce, but gets a big back body drop right over the ropes for his trouble. Mac doesn’t stay down for long and is soon pulling moves out of the Professional Wrestling 101 textbook found under the bastard chapter.  Although the jeans wearing Mac uses his leg to choke Awesomesauce against the ropes he gets a chorus of boos and no victory to be spoken about. Just a short while later though Mac delivers a double arm DDT and looks to have the match won. That is when ECCW Champion El Phantasmo runs out, distracts Mac and forces Mac to chase him in the most cartoonish manner possible.

The next ECCW event will be ECCW All or Nothing 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on August 23. Click here for tickets.

The full match can be seen right here:

For the full results of ECCW Extreme Rumble click here.

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