25 and Under: Billy McCoy Faces a Giant at ASW

by Daniel Johnson

“Nasty” Nate Daniels vs. “Lone Wolf” Billy McCoy

This match from Canada comes courtesy of the British Columbia based All-Star Wrestling (ASW). An unfortunate aspect of this match is that while the performers have some good chemistry the match is filmed from a single camera that apparently is unmanned and probably just set up on a tripod.

Because of the limitations of the way the match was shot it’s tough to tell, but “Nasty” Nate Daniels is about the height of The Undertaker or Sycho Sid as according to cagematch.net he stands at a remarkable 6’11”. “Lone Wolf” Billy McCoy (who was still in his rookie year when this match took place in 2012) on the other hand is considerably shorter. This creates a fun David versus Goliath dynamic for a match between men both billed from Parts Unknown. Maybe they were neighbors?

Anyway, getting into the in-ring action Daniels throws around his size from the start by pushing McCoy into a corner. Rather than showing intimidation McCoy fights back and before long Daniels is eating some kicks and strikes from the rookie. Daniels stops his assault with a clothesline and from there hits a running elbow and throws McCoy off screen. Eventually the two end up on the apron and Daniels teases a chokeslam to the floor. Good thing Daniels doesn’t hit it or else he might have knocked over the tripod and then we’d never find out how this match ends. As it is eventually Daniels hits a chokeslam in the ring and locks the younger McCoy in a cobra clutch. McCoy had best submit, as another user of the cobra clutch, Sgt. Slaughter would say, “And that’s an order!” Sure enough McCoy taps out.

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