Two Goes After One

by Daniel Johnson

Josh Bodom vs. Cyanide

As the title suggests this post centered on FutureShock Wrestling (FSW) will be dealing a lot with match. On one side of the ring is Josh Bodom who according to the description of this clip posted on YouTube is wrestling his second match. Yes, after watching this bout you will have seen 50 percent of Bodom’s matches up to that point in time. On the other side is Cyanide who according to the commentator in the clip weighs 26 stone. If I’m translating from the Metric system correctly then that equates to 278 buckets of KFC.

Getting away from everyone’s least favorite subject (or at least mine) this is a decent David vs. Goliath bout. There is some foreshadowing when Bodom attempts some kicks and Cyanide just brushes them off before Bodom lands the lucky shot and knocks Cyanide out of the ring. Aside from the sheer mass that Bodom is up against, the commentator does a great job of selling the fiendish interference of manager Chris Egan (in between complaining about his mic not working properly).

Another dimension is added to the match by Cyanide being a surprisingly agile big man. When he hits a Michinoku driver in the middle of the match it is almost like you are watching a giant TAKA Michinoku. Bodom keeps things going after taking the driver and knocks Cyanide down with what is a surely Shawn Michaels inspired super kick.

In the end this time Goliath wins. Cyanide catches Bodom after an attempt at a top rope assault. Cyanide punishes his small foe with two powerbombs, a lariat and his aptly named choke bomb finisher.

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