Deathpoof and Insane

by Daniel Johnson

Justin Sane vs. Johnny Wave

Here is some more exciting action from Deathproof Wrestling with this clip being notable for featuring Justin Sane. With a name like that he’ll be playing second fiddle to Sean Waltman or be in the main event of a dying company in no time!

Sane does the first noteworthy spot of the match by smoothly landing on his feet when Wave attempts a hip toss. Not to be put down, Wave then fights back by delivering a stiff chop. When a chopfest breaks out between the two the hecklers then really get into it. The line of the match goes to the guy who shouts, “That’s always been a fantasy of yours hasn’t it Johnny? Except in the shower!” Just stand back and analyze that line for a second. Regardless of sexual orientation is there anyone on Earth that fantasizes about being brutally chopped in the shower by a guy who ripped off his name from Justin Credible?

Getting back to the action Wave misses a Stinger’s splash then gets kicked in the face and jumped on for two. Wave next botches an attempt to jump off the ropes and lands on his face. He also hits a DDT that would make Jake “The Snake” Roberts vomit (which actually isn’t that tough to do these days). Wave sloppily bounces off the ropes for a slightly better DDT and goes to the top to hit a flippy floppy move. Sane dodges Wave and puts him away with a jackhammer.

All in all Wave is incredibly sloppy, the picture quality is terrible and there is one fan making death metal growls throughout. Well, enjoy.

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