Bree and Pandora are at it Again

by Daniel Johnson

Imogen Jane vs. Storm

Since yesterday’s clip doomed us all anyway I thought I’d open up Pandora’s box (okay considering then names of the performers in this post that may not be the best choice of words). As Transcriptonians may recall AAW produced the best worst promo of 2013. So I decided to investigate and see if the matches held for the AAW Women’s Championship were as bad as the promos exchanged over it.

Fortunately for visitors who have watched too much horrible wrestling lately (aka TNA fans) Jane and Storm aren’t the worst female wrestlers ever. They are by no means great and the duo’s attempt to pull off a sunset flip is just sloppy, but they are at least on par with some of the lesser WWE divas. The match features Storm doing some decent heel work by making hippie Australian referee remove Jane’s other belt (the one that’s not the title belt) and the standard women’s heel spot of standing on her opponent’s hair while pulling her up by the arms. The clip also features Storm’s manager AV Dangerously, who looks like a hormonally challenged Kevin Smith. Nevertheless AV assists Storm in her victory by distracting hippie Australian referee after Jane hits a Rocker dropper.

So what about Bree and Pandora the two AAW women who set the Internet ablaze with their hilarious mic work? Well they’re still going at it:

As are their main squeezes Killah and Orlando Jordan as shown in this 90 percent less silly clip:

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