NWA On Fire Will Eat Your Soul

by Daniel Johnson

Makua vs. Ray Ray Marz

I fear that I may no longer be able to feature NWA On Fire after discovering the diabolical secret behind the promotion. While looking for some nifty clips produced by the company to feature on The Johnson Transcript I came across this image:


Who is this man? While I have cropped the image I can assure you that there was no NWA On Fire logo on the screen with him. Also, he appeared in the clip for what seemed like a fraction of a second before the rest of the footage went on as normal. So again the question must be asked: who is he?  A local snake oil salesmen? A director of a regional television studio? The Devil himself? Yes, that last one might just hit the nail on the head. After, all why else would it be called NWA On Fire?

Analyzing the clip further it becomes more unsettling. He’s pointing right at you! With a half-glazed, half-demonic look in his eyes he could be only after one thing. Your soul!

While the clip that features this man/hell beast is far too horrifying to post I have included the above match between Makua and Ray Ray Marz from this same satanic promotion. Perhaps the butt ugly maneuvers that Makua delivers and what the commentators claim are clotheslines will make you forget that you are now condemned to Hades.

Also, before anyone dismisses this all as some kind of mad ravings of someone who has clearly watched too much independent wrestling and old episodes of The Twilight Zone let’s just remember that people laughed at David Icke at first and…

Okay maybe you should just ignore the past few paragraphs and watch the above clip featuring Headshrinkers reject #58 and guy from Asbury Park, who isn’t Bam Bam Bigelow.

Photo Credit: youtube.com

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3 replies

  1. Hmmm Truthfully I’m fine with your more comedic points concerning Satan…but I gotta take ya to task on the others. Calling a guy a ” Headshrinkers reject” because he does a Samoan warrior gimmick is kinda silly considering how many other Samoan warrior types are scattered throughout various other feds..And truthfully this one is quite good IMO..
    I attend quite a few indy shows and the last NWA on fire tv taping had a LOT of very good matches and a good sized, noisy and obviously satisfied crowd….Trust me, there are some indy promotions that don’t hold water..this one isn’t one of them.
    Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I enjoy supporting the indy feds that bring us tomorrows stars…

    • Thanks for the comment Marcus! I agree that NWA On Fire puts out some quality matches. It is arguably the best NWA promotion out there today. I wouldn’t really consider being a Headshrinkers reject much of an insult. The Headshrinkers are of course one of the more popular Samoan gimmicks that have happened over the years and can thus be used as a frame of comparison to other less popular gimmicks. From what I’ve see of Makua he doesn’t really put any unique spin on the gimmick like say Samoa Joe has (such as Joe wrestling with a standard tough guy gimmick, but still drawing on his Samoan heritage in less overt ways). As such Makua comes off to me with having a lesser gimmick and one that I think someone unsuccessfully auditioning for a spot as in The Headshrinkers would have. Still, that doesn’t mean the performer himself is bad. As I mentioned in previous posts about Muta “ripoffs” casting someone aside completely simply because their gimmick draws from a previous more popular one is silly.

      More than anything though I wrote the concluding paragraph of that post to shift focus from the whacky rambling that came before it and bring it all back to wrestling, whether the wrestling in question is good or bad.


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