The First Match of a Promotion

by Daniel Johnson

Matt Cage vs. Joey O’Riley

Recently, Pro Wrestling Collision (PWC) debuted with the PWC Collision Cup to crown the inaugural PWC Heavyweight Champion. The above clip is the very first match in the history of the promotion even though Joey O’Riley is announced as the PWC No Limits Champion prior to the action. How did he get the title? Well, there’s probably a good answer to that somewhere, but for now let’s just pretend that he did a really good job washing the promoter’s car.

The bout begins with a lot of striking that all looks fairly weak until Joey pulls Matt in by the arm to give him a loud punch (or is that a slap?). On the outside there is a halfway nifty spot where Matt Irish whips Joey over some ring steps then Joey jumps over them and tries to attack Matt by jumping off of them. This is spoiled a bit by looking way too choreographed. A “you can’t wrestle” chant breaks out a short time later, which is almost never good to feature in the first match of a promotion. At least the commentators (one of which has a lisp that is impossible to miss) acknowledge it, which is more than one can say for WWE commentators whenever the same chant breaks out on their shows.

A few standalone spots stand out like Matt’s gutbuster, a running shooting star press by Joey and a springboard DDT from Joey to Matt. There are also decent moves on and through the ropes, respectively, like Matt accidentally hitting his manager Zakk Sawyer with a suicide dive and Joey missing a 450 splash. The ending is a little botched as Joey tries to pin Matt out of a cobra clutch like how Bret Hart defeated “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1996, but Joey can’t twist all the way to a stand.

PWC has their third event scheduled for March, which will take place in Carbondale, Illinois where all PWC events have taken place so far.

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