Sara and Kristy Clash

by Daniel Johnson

Siren Sara vs. Kristy Love

When most people picture Scottish wrestling they picture this. At least that’s what I’m led to believe after a Google image search. Yet, Scottish wrestling is not just about men wearing kilts trying to slam each other while a solemn looking old man watches on. As this clip shows sometimes it is about two women wearing tights trying to slam each other while rowdy looking youngsters watch on.

This bout is taken from SSW Superclash 2011, which featured a disappointing SSW World Championship match and as this clip shows the return of the SSW Diamonds. Diamonds are what SSW calls their women wrestlers because apparently every wrestling company has to call its women by a cutesy name these days.

Kristy Love comes out to a techno version of an Iron Butterfly song and stalls the bout by dodging Siren Sara and kicking her in the bum. This automatically makes her the face of course. From there Sara dominates most of the match by channeling the spirit of The Berzerker, whose boots she is wearing. Her male manager, Christopher Saynt also helps out by choking Love on the ropes. Still, the power of Iron Butterfly almost allows Love to get the win as she comes back with a sit-down facebuster for Sara and a punch in the face for Saynt. The facebuster apparently was not enough though because when she turns around from her attack on Saynt she gets a sloppy as heck DDT from Sara for the win.

All in all Sara is a little sloppy, but can be forgiven somewhat because she delivers virtually all of the offense in this match.

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