Failure to Launch (A Title Match)

by Daniel Johnson

Muzlem vs. Ron Jeremi

The way incidents like the Fingerpoke of Doom are built up and picked apart you’d think that only major wrestling companies can bomb in delivering major title matches. Not so as this match shows. Although this bout is a good deal longer than the infamous fiasco that featured Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan it couldn’t have sent the fans home happy.

The scheduled bout was to feature Scottish School of Wrestling (SSW) super face Ron Jeremi cashing in the SSW Money in the Bank briefcase against the villainous Muzlem, the SSW World Championship holder. As with Nash/Hogan fans got the match they were promised…technically. Prior to the fight at SSW Superclash 2011 Muzlem sends in a goon to attack Jeremi. From there Muzlem cuts a promo and the match begins. The action consists of Muzlem hitting a chopfest that spans three of the four turnbuckles and…not much else. Muzlem delivers a CM Punk inspired high knee followed by a bulldog attempt, Jeremi gets in a brief comeback that is stopped by a super kick and after about five minutes Jeremi is left looking at the lights.

At least the post-match shenanigans are a tad intriguing with Muzelm attempting to pull a Brian Pillman by sticking Jeremi’s head into a chair and stomping it before all heck breaks loose.

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