LLUSA Lets It’s Minis Compete

by Daniel Johnson

Dragoncito vs. Mascarita Dorada

Back in the days of Sky Low Low, mini wrestlers had the chance to compete and show their athletic ability. Although there has been some attempt to showcase minis in mainstream American wrestling in the last 10 years neither WWE or TNA have allowed these performers to exhibit their athleticism. This is one area that LLUSA was able to capitalize on during it’s all too brief run on MTV2.

Aside from getting a chance to work in the ring, LLUSA also allowed it’s minis to have roles beyond Hornswoggle-esque comedic fodder. Mascarita Dorada as this clip shows was a ladies’ man and Dragoncito was, well a tiny Ultimo Dragon (or looked like one anyway). Speaking of the former gimmick some huge panties get thrown in during the beginning of the bout. The undergarment is later revealed to belong to a rather large woman who at one point picks up the considerably smaller Dorada.

The in-ring display offers some killer moves including Dragoncito hitting a suicide dive, the mini Ultimo nearly getting the win with a cradle driver and Dorada executing a hurricanrana off the top rope. After some two counts from both sides Dorada claims victory by getting Dragoncito down with a crucifix.

With LLUSA long gone from MTV2 airwaves the market to display mini wrestling is wide open in the United States.

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