Lego Death Match

by Daniel Johnson

Flip D. Berger vs. Stinky the Homeless Guy

Long time visitors of The Johnson Transcript (or Transcriptonians as I like to call you) will recall that Lego is more deadly than thumbtacks. At least in the world of ISW. This match presents Flip D. Berger taking on one of the toughest hombres that outside has to offer in Stinky the Homeless Guy.

Stinky is at a disadvantage from the start as Flip’s two former adversary’s Moohammad and Moostafa have his back in this one. The cows get knocked out as fast as the Mean Street Posse in a hardcore match though when Stinky suplexes one with the other on his back.

As for the the involvement of Lego in this bout there are some decent comedy spots as well as spots that the performers would probably find funny if they weren’t in so much pain. Highlights include Flip breaking a Lego cheeseburger over Stinky’s head, Stinky putting on a D’Lo Brown-esque piece of armor and the commentators overselling Flip taping a hat filled with Lego to Stinky’s head. All this leads up to Flip taking two powerbombs on a huge pile of Lego and the people of outside celebrating Stinky as their champion.

Parents remember the next time you think Lego is some kind of toy for kids, think again.

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