Replacing Jack Swagger

by Daniel Johnson

Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella

Unless you are a wrestling fan who has been asleep for the past few days or just blazed up a huge bowl of what was found in Jack Swagger’s car then you know what happened to the real American. While nothing is set 100 percent in stone and Swagger may still challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE’s Wrestlemania XXIX it is quite possible he might not. As such the speculation is well underway on who his replacement will be. Mark Henry? Dolph Ziggler? Racist heel Randy Orton? The possibilities are endless.

So what about Shane Helms? That brings me to:

Shane Helms vs. Lizmark Jr.

Now before anyone blasts me for mentioning Shane Helms, let me just clarify that I am by no means advocating Shane Helms. Instead I offer the argument that if Swagger can randomly be pushed to the moon for a major match at Wrestlemania then virtually anyone with past experience in mainstream American wrestling can.

Take a look in the first clip in this post. Swagger wasn’t doing anything extraordinary in the squared-circle in his return. He just had a unique character in the real American and a interesting manager in Zeb Colter. Drop anyone of seemingly countless possibilities in that spot and WWE should be just fine for Wrestlemania XXIX. Whether it’s Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley or yes, even Shane Helms or as commentator Kevin Kelly refers to him in the above clip, “One of the most well known superstars in history.”

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