SMOP Attempts to Smoosh Muta

by Daniel Johnson

The Great Muta and KENSO vs. Akebono and Ryota Hama

Despite being so big that the size of their lunch would make most men cower in fear, the Super Megaton Ohzumo Powers (SMOP) aka Akebono and Ryota Hama have their work cut out for them going against The Great Muta. Oddly enough Muta wears a mask that is from an animal nearly the size of Akebono.

The match quality is all over the place in this one. Muta hits a shinning wizard seconds into the contest on Akebono, which Akebono shakes off. KENSO, who is hardly a ring technician, uses an offense that consists of mostly slapping Ryota Hama in the face. Not that, that is¬†necessarily a bad thing considering the way that Hama sells them it makes this bout more entertaining than around 95 percent of KENSO’s matches.

All the best action happens in about the last minute of the match. Prior to that the clip is mostly a lot of slow moving by SMOP and a lot of smacking by KENSO (again not necessarily bad). Hama hits a running stink face on Muta and a big splash, but Muta just manages to kick out. Muta then attempts to spray Hama with some mist, but Hama has it scouted and is wearing goggles. KENSO snatches Hama’s goggles and delivers a not necessarily bad slap to Hama’s face. Muta finishes it all with some mist followed by a shinning wizard to bookend it.

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