ISW Free Match Monday: A Free Match Retread

by Daniel Johnson

Flip D. Berger vs. Stinky the Homeless Guy, Flip D. Berger vs. Moohammad

This week the folks at ISW posted a match they had previously posted before and which I have already done a write-up for, for all the Transcriptonians. The match was El Hijo Del Bamboo facing Izzie Deadyet at the original ISW Burger King of the Ring. The only difference is they added a trailer for the ISW Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper and shortened the rest of the clip slightly. Rather than also retreading, I decided to dig into the ISW vault a little bit and this is what  I found.

In this clip Flip D. Berger, at the time enslaved by Moohammad, takes on Stinky the Homeless Guy for the ISW Other Championship. Also, for fans of the band Silverstein this match happened at The Vans Warped Tour in 2009 so they play a set throughout the bout, which includes their hit “Smashed Into Pieces.” As Stinky is coming to the ring he throws in a garbage can, but upon entering still gets hammered…and not in the way hobos are traditionally known for getting hammered either! This match is far from a squash though and Stinky fights back by giving Berger a flying elbow and a spear.

Berger, playing the heel, is very underhanded throughout the affair and bites Stinky’s head, chokes him and hits him with a toilet seat before breaking a toilet lid off of Stinky’s head. Stinky on the other hand plays as close to a white meat baby face as a hobo can get and smashes his garbage can off of Berger’s head. On second thought, maybe that isn’t really something a white meat baby face would do.

A while later after two butt bumps to Flip’s face, Stinky pulls some Lego out of his bindle, but the joke is on Stinky. Berger puts a bunch of Lego in Stinky’s hat then straps it onto him and finishes him off with a piledriver. This would not be the last time Berger would punish Stinky with Lego as the two would meet again in a match where Lego was specifically highlighted.

The clip closes with Moohammad ordering Flip to lay down for him so he can become the new ISW Other Champion. What a winner!

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