Old School Flashback: Madusa Miceli Throws a Pie

by Daniel Johnson

Madusa Miceli vs. Nasty Kat Leroux

Madusa Miceli’s career in LPWA was a bit different from how she is remembered in the WWF and WCW for being the centerpiece of a fledgeling division and throwing away a rival promotion’s championship, respectively. At LPWA  Madusa was instead known for wearing some wild costumes such as some retro wrestling attire sans shoes in this clip. Also, instead of throwing away the WWF Women’s Championship, in this clip she throws a pie at commentator Joe Pedicino.

Pedicino and fellow commentator Jim Cornette are too caught up with the delicious devastation to call much of the action. Nasty Kat Leroux actually gets some moves in though even if they do resemble Pedicino at the time, both looking sloppy. Leroux hits a DDT variation and gets some assistance from her partner Nasty Linda Dallas. At one point Linda trips Madusa and…wait a minute. Linda? Trip? Linda Tripp? Is LPWA predicting the future by featuring a heel whose actions resemble that of a real life future heel or have I just watched so much wresting that it has finally fried my brain?

At any rate Leroux continues her assault by planting Madusa’s face into the mat and pulling her feet back causing Madusa to get choked by the ropes. Referee Eddie Sharkey sure is(n’t) doing one heck of a job! The height of Leroux’s offense comes when she hits a double axe handle from the ropes, but Madusa then gives Leroux a shot to the gut and snapemares her down. Madusa hits a flurry of moves including a cross face into a DDT, a bodyslam, a dropkick from the ropes and a spinning neckbreaker.

Madusa finishes Leroux off with a German suplex or at least would have if someone didn’t botch the bridge. However, the bridge for Madusa’s second suplex holds and Madusa comes out on top.

Oddly enough Madusa would compete about 10 years later fighting in a division featuring a much different Leroux. Former Misfits in Action member and current cartoonist Lash LeRoux! LPWA foreshadows the future again!

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