Old School Flashback: Madusa Battles Hosaka

by Daniel Johnson

Madusa Miceli vs. Malia Hosaka

I’ve written before about how female wrestlers sometimes just don’t get enough time to wrestle on television. Heck, even promotions who have been praised in their booking of female wrestlers like ROH have been guilty of this. Yet, this clip shows just how much two naturally talented women can do in a tiny amount of time.

For those who recognize the name Madusa Miceli, but are unfamiliar with Malia Hosaka just check out her Wikipedia entry. Hosaka not only held the NWA World Women’s Championship, but also competed for ECW. How many people can say that? The woman may have been booked to lose plenty of short matches in the LPWA, but it helped form the foundation of a career that would last well over 20 years. Madusa in this clip is already being pushed to the moon and is doing a gimmick where she is continually psyching out her opponents. While she dresses up like a ninja for this match, the gimmick featured her doing odder things.

The in-ring action features the two at a standstill for more than a minute with neither one accomplishing a significant attack. Madusa gets a lucky break when she sweeps Hosaka’s leg then executes a snapmare. As this is going on commentator Jim Cornette explains that Madusa wants to be taken seriously as a competitor instead of a sex symbol. Fittingly enough Madusa then throws Hosaka to the ground and goes after Hosaka’s leg. Hosaka does some great selling, but her leg is apparently not too injured. Hosaka lands a spin kick to Madusa’s chest, but then Madusa responds with an enziguri. Before the match is over Hosaka hits a Scott Steiner approved frankensteiner that Madusa just manages to kick out of at two. Despite nailing yet another spin kick, Hosaka gets walloped with a German suplex, which ends the match.

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