Old School Flashback: Barry Horowitz in an Intergender Match

by Daniel Johnson

Lisa Starr and Barry Horowitz vs. Malia Hosaka and Tim Horner

Ken Resnick opens this clip by pointing out how rare it is for the LPWA to feature an intergender match. Even rarer though is an appearance like this by Barry Horowitz! Just look at him with his shiny ring jacket and heelish grin. Horowitz looks so happy you’d think he’d just beat Bodydonna Skip for the first time!

Anyway, Horowitz is teaming here with Lisa Starr to take on Tim Horner and Malia Hosaka. Oddly enough though LPWA was known mostly for it’s female wrestling, Horowitz and Horner do the majority of the work in this one. This is perhaps good news for Hosaka because she worked more or less as enhancement talent for the LPWA now and again. Horowitz looks as crisp as ever as he switches from chain wrestling to more cartoonish heeling it up by accusing Horner of cheating. At one point Horowitz even locks on an abdominal stretch and not only uses the ropes as leverage, but also grabs Starr’s hand for additional strength to add insult to injury. Around this time despite being a face Horner grabs at Horowitz’s hair to get him off. Come on, Tim! It’s only an abdominal stretch! According to Professional Wrestling 101 you’re never going to tap to it!

Eventually, the women get tagged back in and Hosaka hits an absolutely hideous slam on Starr. Hosaka then tries to clamp on a figure four leg lock, but gets shoved away by Starr right into a forearm from Horowitz. Yep, whenever there is an intergender match where the women and men are supposed to stay apart you can bet they’ll end up fighting one way or another.

Overall this bout featured plenty of wrestling, some impressive, some awful. More importantly Horowitz actually wins in it so that alone makes it must see.

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