25 and Under: Deadbones Dawkins at FFPW Gym Show

by Daniel Johnson

Deadbones Dawkins vs. Johnny Notaro

This bout took place roughly two years ago for the Ireland based Fight Factory Pro Wrestling (FFPW). The name of the event sums up the crowd perfectly, FFPW Gym Show in that the audience was obviously crammed into a gym, but is still quite rowdy. Deadbones Dawkins plays a pirate character and before any action starts he gets the crowd cheering with a yo ho chant. After all who doesn’t love a pirate? Well, except of course Vince McMahon who failed to capitalize on Paul Buchill’s pirate character because he did not know about a certain phenomenon.

As for the action Dawkins wrestles Johnny Notaro, who plays a straightforward arrogant heel. Notaro teases a test of strength with Dawkins, but then dropkicks him instead with a bait and switch. Dawkins doesn’t stay down and instead clotheslines Notaro, repeatedly knocking the arrogant young man off of his feet. Eventually though Notaro targets Dawkins’ legs and repeatedly stomps them and slams them against the mat. Notaro follows the assault up by mocking Dawkins saying he is going to have to get a peg leg. Apparently Dawkins isn’t hurt too bad because he hits Notaro with a big boot in his comeback. Dawkins gets a two count then gives Notaro a fisherman’s suplex for another two count. Dawkins channels the spirit of Sting by going for a splash into the corner, but misses it leading Notaro to schoolboy Dawkins and win the bout with his feet on the ropes. This bout featured a fun (if overplayed) gimmick and Notaro worked as a pretty good foil for the babyface pirate.

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