25 and Under: Reed Bentley in Wrestling is Heart

by Daniel Johnson

Reed Bentley vs. Billy Roc

This match is a treat that was unleashed by Wrestling is Heart (WIH) a little earlier this year. It features young up and comer Reed Bentley taking on his teacher Billy Roc. Despite, being relatively young himself, Roc has already trained some great young performers here and there. The match is actually part of Roc’s Class Wars series, which in turn is an innovative part of his School of Roc training center. Before the match begins there are some segments to give it context, which include Roc telling Bentley that if he acts up, he won’t hesitate to break some bones. Despite Roc’s stern words, Bentley plays the heel due to his membership in the group, The League.

After Roc opens up with some holds, Bentley clamps on a side headlock and brings Roc down to the mat. When Roc escapes he goes after Bentley’s arm, but then finds himself in a front face lock. Roc then goes back to attacking Bentley’s arms before moving down to Bentley’c legs. Roc executes some incredible leg submissions  that one would be hard pressed to find even masters like Ric Flair or Ricky Steamboat busting out. The first leg hold in particular, which is sort of a combination figure four/abdominal stretch really has to be seen to be believed. Regardless of these holds Roc wins the bout with a crucifix pin.

This clip put forth some intriguing stuff from a swell training center and just leaves one wanting more from WIH, Roc and his students.

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