Aaron Xavier Interview

by Daniel Johnson


Photo Courtesy of Aaron Xavier

Interviewer’s Note: Aaron Xavier is a new addition to the Illinois based Dreamwave Wrestling. Although Xavier first wrestled at Dreamwave Wrestling Survival of the Fittest 2011, he really made his first splash in the company at Dreamwave Wrestling Summer Spectacular 2013. Since then he has continued to wrestle for Dreamwave Wrestling in continuing to hone his skills. Xavier began wrestling well over 10 years ago and started out at the Wild Samoan Training Center. Xavier has also wrestled for a variety of other promotions including midwest based North American Pro Wrestling (NAPW). This interview was completed on November 29, 2013. In this interview Xavier and I focus on his work for Dreamwave Wrestling.

Daniel Johnson: In a few words how would you sum up yourself as a performer?
Aaron Xavier: I’m an effort guy. I might not be the most physically gifted guy on the roster, but you know that no matter what you’ll get everything I have every night.

Daniel Johnson: For readers who are unfamiliar with you where and when were you born and how long have you been wrestling?
Aaron Xavier: I was born July 25, 1982 (31) in Rockford, Illinois. I spent most of my life in Pennsylania though. I’ve been wrestling on and off since 2000.

Daniel Johnson: Where did you first get trained and how long was it before you had your first match?
Aaron Xavier: I trained at the Wild Samoan Training Center. It was about a year before I had my first singles match.

Daniel Johnson: Before you became involved in Dreamwave Wrestling were you familiar with the promotion as an observer? If so was there any match or matches in particular that drew you into the promotion?
Aaron Xavier: Oh yeah. I found Dreamwave though friends that wrestled there. A couple matches that stand out are Marshe Rockett versus Prince Ali Mustafa at Anniversary IV (incredible athletic feats) and Acid vs Justice Jones (Celebrate LaSalle 2011).

Daniel Johnson: What was your first involvement with Dreamwave Wrestling and how long have you been working for Dreamwave Wrestling?
Aaron Xavier: I did a tryout at Survival of the Fittest 2011. I teamed with Jack Carpenter against Nate Knox and Joey Hegland on the pre-show. I didn’t wrestle for Dreamwave again until Summer Spectacular in 2013. I have worked a few shows since then.

Daniel Johnson: You mentioned that you had friends who wrestled for Dreamwave before you actually got involved with the company. Did any one friend in particular help you get your foot in the door or how else did you go about getting your first tryout match?
Aaron Xavier: Justice Jones has been a friend of mine for quite a while. Jack Carpenter needed someone to do his tryout with so he asked me since I was there.

Daniel Johnson: After you wrestled the first time for Dreamwave in a tryout match you did not wrestle for the company again for about two years. What was the reason for this and what made you decide to come back?
Aaron Xavier: I wasn’t ready for the level of Dreamwave. I had just started back wrestling a couple months prior and was horribly out of ring shape. Jay [Repsel] does a great job making sure the Dreamwave product is up to his lofty standards and quite honestly at the time I was just not up to those standards.

Daniel Johnson: Earlier this year you wrestled in a four corners dark match at one of Dreamwave’s most successful shows of the year, Summer Spectacular. What are your memories of this match?
Aaron Xavier: My memories are of my chest hurting. Lol. Justice Jones hits real hard. I had a blast. The DW crowd is unlike any other.

Daniel Johnson: More recently, you teamed with Ace Martino at Survival of the Fittest. Have you worked with Martino at all before this match and would you like to team with him more in the future?
Aaron Xavier: Ace Martino is one of the most underrated talents in indie wrestling. The man is a physical specimen. I thought the match was great and would never say no to teaming with Ace anytime in the future.

Daniel Johnson: Looking more at the specific match from Survival of the Fittest, what stands out the most from it for you?
Aaron Xavier: I thought the dynamic between myself and Ace was really interesting. What really stands out is the next day my back hurting after Justice Jones powerbombed me. Lol.

Daniel Johnson: What are your plans in the near future as it concerns Dreamwave Wrestling. Are there any goals in particular you would like to accomplish?
Aaron Xavier: I hope I will continue to wrestle for Dreamwave. My goals are the same as they always have been, to give the people the best match I can.

Daniel Johnson: Is there anyone on the Dreamwave Wrestling roster you have yet to work with that you would like to? If so then who?
Aaron Xavier: There are so many talented guys in that locker room so it is hard to pick.

Daniel Johnson: Speaking of the Dreamwave Wrestling roster, what if anything do you think makes you stand out from others on the roster?
Aaron Xavier: What stands out the most to me is how much the locker room is like a small family. It is a great environment.

Daniel Johnson: This is a more general question about Dreamwave Wrestling, but what, if anything do you think is unique about Dreamwave Wrestling?
Aaron Xavier: How talented the roster is from top to bottom. It’s hard to find many indy companies with such a stacked locker room

Daniel Johnson: For readers who have never seen a Dreamwave Wrestling match what is one thing you would like them to know about the promotion that may give them a reason to check it out?
Aaron Xavier: Dreamwave will be the best $10 you’ve ever spent on indie wrestling. From start to finish you will be entertained. If you are a true fan of wrestling, you need to check out a Dreamwave show.

Daniel Johnson: I also wanted to ask some more general questions about your career. First, how did you come up with the name Aaron Xavier?
Aaron Xavier: I don’t know where the Xavier came from. I think it was something that just sort of came to me. Aaron came from a cousin of mine that passed when I was young. Sort of a tribute.

Daniel Johnson: Are you a big X-Men fan at all and if so are there any storylines from the franchise that you have particularly liked?
Aaron Xavier: Other than the movies, I have no knowledge of comic books of any kind.

Daniel Johnson: What do you think is the best match you have had to date and why?
Aaron Xavier: Every time I get to wrestle, it’s my favorite match. This is what I love.

Daniel Johnson: Who is your dream opponent and why?
Aaron Xavier: Shawn Michaels. He is, in my mind, the absolute measuring stick when it comes to performing.

Daniel Johnson: You mentioned that Shawn Michaels is the measuring stick when it comes to wrestling for you. Has he influenced you as a performer at all and if so how? Also, are there any other wrestlers that directly influenced you?
Aaron Xavier: How could you not be influenced by someone of the caliber of HBK? Honestly though, I have been inf;uenced by everyone I have ever worked with. I’ve been lucky enough to have been in the ring with some amazing gentlemen. Every match you have is a new learning experience. You just have to be smart enough to accept the knowledge. Growing up though I loved my bad guys. Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, The Four Horseman (Arn Anderson in particular), Nick Bockwinkel and Paul Orndorff all were among my favorites.

Daniel Johnson: Are there any promotions you have yet to work for that you plan to work for in the near future? If so then where?
Aaron Xavier: I’m humbled to be able to wrestle whereever I am wanted. I never thought I’d get as far as I did so anything from here on out it icing on the cake.

Daniel Johnson: Where would you like to be in five years in wrestling and how do you think you can get there?
Aaron Xavier: Still wrestling hopefully. If I can stay healthy.

Daniel Johnson: I’m also always curious about ribs and road stories. Do you have any of either you would be able to share?
Aaron Xavier: Not that I’d like to share in a public forum! Lol.

Daniel Johnson: I also like to ask five non-wrestling related questions just to bring a little uniqueness to the interview. Outside of wrestling, what television shows do you enjoy watching these days?
Aaron Xavier: Sons of Anarchy, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, White Collar, to name a few.

Daniel Johnson: What was your favorite movie that came out this year?
Aaron Xavier: Grown Ups 2.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite food that you tried for the first time this year?
Aaron Xavier: Maco shark with corn salsa.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite song to come out this year?
Aaron Xavier: I listen to mostly classic rock so nothing.

Daniel Johnson: What is the last book you read and would you recommend it?
Aaron Xavier: Not Taco Bell Material by Adam Carolla and yes. It was hilarious.

Daniel Johnson: I had just a few more wrestling questions to end with. First, what is the weirdest part of being a pro wrestler?
Aaron Xavier: Wearing underwear and rolling around with other oily men in front of people.

Daniel Johnson: Who is one wrestler 25 or under that you think readers should know about?
Aaron Xavier: Matt Knicks, Ace Martino, Justce Jones, JJ Garrett. He’s not under 25, but Shane Holister. There are so many guys that should be mentioned here.

Daniel Johnson: Is there anything you would like to add?
Aaron Xavier: I’d just just like to thank Jay Repsel, Andy Anderson and every other promoter that has given me an opportunity or seen something in me. I am truly grateful to be able to do this.

Check out Aaron Xavier in action! He recommends that you watch his entrance video and go to Smart Mark Video where you can find Dreamwave Wrestling Survival of the Fittest 2013. For a non-Dreamwave Wresling match Xavier can be found in an intergender tag team match below teaming with Justice Jones against Melanie Cruise and Miss Natural for NAPW:

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