Old School Flashback: Lady X Takes on Heidi Lee Morgan

by Daniel Johnson

Lady X vs. Heidi Lee Morgan

This match is brief, but unpredictable, which makes it a lot of fun. In one corner we have Heidi Lee Morgan, who among her accolades wrestled in a cage match during a time when women just didn’t have wrestling matches in cages. Morgan was also half of the team that first won the LPWA Tag Team Championship. While Morgan’s opponent sounds like a jobber she is far from it. Before all was said and done for the LPWA, Lady X would hold the LPWA Championship under the tutelage of Ashley Kennedy.

To open the bout Morgan puts herself on X’s shoulders in an electric chair position, but then flips her over. Commentator Jim Cornette compares Morgan to Antonino Rocca and plays up Morgan’s background in gymnastics. X responds with a simple slam, but then Morgan explodes with some dropkicks, which sends X retreating to the outside. X suckers Morgan into getting close to the ropes, which allows X to give her a knee to the gut as X comes back in and then snaps Morgan’s neck across the ropes. X works over Morgan’s back and arms then nearly wins the bout after a stun gun and a legdrop. Morgan hits a lucky crossbody after kicking out and X a short time later misses a big splash from the second rope. Morgan connects with a top rope dropkick and it is all over for X!

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