Wendi Richter Returns to the Cage

Reflecting on the rarity of women in steel cage matches after I posted another Wendi Richter performance I figured I’d track down at least one other entertaining cage match featuring female competitors. So, I went to one of my go to places for all things wrestling, the FAN forum. There, I not only found some suggestions worth tracking down, but another cage match featuring Wendi Richter!

Although Richter holds the WWC Women’s Championship in this match, the encounter takes place in the National Wrestling Federation where Richter also holds the NWF Women’s Championship. Unlike Richter’s match with Monster Ripper, the action of this bout has a much faster pace. Also, the cage is better constructed even if one of the commentators at one point make reference to it looking like it’s about to come down. On the negative side of this match there are not a lot of actual wrestling moves and the finish is a plain old suplex in the middle of the ring.

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