WWC Presents Women’s Wrestling…in a Cage

Cage matches have always been a treat with their rarity perhaps being the one trait that makes them more enjoyable than anything else. Add in that two women are going at one another in a cage instead of two men and it becomes even rarer. Throw this back 20 years when most women’s wrestling in the United States (and sometimes even it’s territories) was often booked as a joke and you just might have the rarest of the rare.

In this match Wendi Richter and Monster Ripper aka Bertha Faye aka Ronda Sing/Singh really make the most out of using the cage as a weapon. It’s true that this is not the most impressive looking cage ever used in a wrestling match, but the two are able to brutalize each other just the same. The commentator also makes reference to the then non-existent WWC Women’s Championship. Richter would become the inaugural champion and Ripper held the title a record five times, which is a record that still stands today.

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