NOAH’s Most Recent 5 Star Match

In late 2004 Kenta Kobashi, the longest reigning Global Honored Crown Heavyweight Championship holder had a lot at stake taking on Jun Akiyama for his prized possession. Kobashi gets this point across to the audience right away as he lays in a series of stiff chops. However, he is unable to dominate Jun and they quickly find themselves in a spot where for every chop Kenta lays in, Akiyama lays in a forearm. It is like Kenta is trying to start a chopfest, but Jun just won’t respond accordingly! Kenta’s chops win this contest, but it is not long before Jun has Kenta in one submission hold then another.

At about a third of the way in both wrestlers fall to the mat when Jun hits a flying knee while Kenta simultaneously nails a tackle. The two are not down for long and before you know it Akiyama is using his knee again this time jumping off the top rope onto Kobashi’s head, which is laid across the edge of the ring.

The pace slows down a bit, but this allows for a great spot where Kenta puts Jun in a chin lock and Jun attempts to belly-to-back suplex his way out. After this and some elbows Kenta ends the hold with a suplex of his own. This leads into the second sickest series of corner chops I’ve ever seen with Kobashi looking like he loves every second of it. Kenta is not finished and launches Jun to the outside with a suplex and the match slows down again.

Jun finally turns the tide in his favor after escaping a burning hammer attempt and hitting a German suplex. The fighters soon find themselves back outside after this time Jun launches Kenta out with a northern lights suplex from off the top. Kenta almost gets counted out, but comes back in at 19.

Back inside Kenta pulls out a brainbuster and the two are soon trading power moves before Kenta ends the exchange with a lariat. After another lariat Kenta gets a super close two count. Kobashi goes for a risky move with a moonsault and gets…an even closer two count! Kenta is ready for the finish and Jun looks absolutely exhausted. Kenta positions Jun for the burning hammer…nails it…and gets the three count!

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