A Report on Best of the Super Juniors XIX

As longtime readers of this website (well as long as a few months can be) may recall I posted some videos hyping up NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors XIX Tournament a while back. Up until now I haven’t posted the result of the tournament, but figured that reporting within four months of the tournament should count as timely some place, perhaps sometime last century.

Anyway, this is a nice little match that shows Low Ki going back and forth with Alex Koslov. Who would have thought that the latter was the same wrestler who performed that stinker with HHH (wait a second, I’m an idiot). Koslov injects some comedy into the bout with constant chants of Russia that at one point gets a brief USA chant going from the Japanese crowd. Low Ki manages a little fun as well by stealing Koslov’s hat and getting his own Russia chant started. Comedy in The Best of the Super Juniors, I bet that would have been impossible to imagine when the annual tradition began.

There are also some stiff spots in this bout with Low Ki getting in a short chopfest on Koslov. Low Ki goes on to show that, that chopfest was nothing by beating Koslov into a corner of the ring and getting in some stiff shots. Too bad he didn’t follow this up with even some stiffer chops because the chopfest from that Kenta Kobashi match needs a capable successor!

GIF By El Pollo Guerrera of the FAN Forum.

Low Ki eventually puts Koslov away with the Ki Krusher and straps on his IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship belt. Low Ki would go all the way to the finals in the tournament before losing to victor, Ryusuke Taguchi.

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