Ebessan Messes with Liger

I posted an interview with a guy named Lyder this week so I figured today would be as good a time as any to post another Jushin “Thunder” Liger match. You have to respect the rhyme scheme. In half seriousness I actually decided to post this one because I thought it would remind me of the recent Muta match I posted. After all if Muta can toy around with Zodiac like a big cat playing with a mouse then surely a guy who gets his name from a big cat could do the same with Ebessan, a comedy wrestler.

Instead Liger sells a ton for Ebessan and it turns the encounter from simply a novelty match to being a fun and engaging contest. Heck, at one point Ebessan nearly hits a top rope moonsault and later he even succeeds in nailing a 360 corkscrew senton. Before the show is over Ebessan gets three super close two counts and even kicks out of a Liger bomb! After this Liger bomb though Tom has had enough of Jerry and signals for the end. Liger finishes him off with a brainbuster.

While the bout may seem odd on the surface there have certainly been weirder matchups:

Photoshop By Daniel Johnson

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