Sensational Sumo Smashes Samoan

AJPW has made some odd choices in the talent they have brought over from overseas. In 2007 competitor NJPW had Brock Lesnar so the company needed to match that star power with something. That something was a past his prime and way out of shape Rikishi appropriately called in his AJPW run Sumo Rikishi.

The man who sung the lyrical masterpiece, “Put a Little Ass on it” needed to look at least somewhat fit so they feuded him with the small island off the coast of Japan known as Akebono. Here, they wrestle in a tag match alongside their respective partners, Jonny Dan and Toru Owashi.

The two first square off in this bout when Dan is in the ring and signals for Owashi to tag in Akebono. However, once Akebono enters he immediately orders Rikishi to be tagged in. They square off, but no clear winner emerges. The two fight again when Rikishi is about to hit a banzai drop on Owashi, but Akebono stares the big Samoan down. Rikishi then picks up Owashi and forces him to tag in the beastly sumo.

Akebono hits an avalanche in the corner, but Rikishi fights back with a super kick. Akebono gets up and is angry so Rikishi retreats. Dan is tagged in and Akebono scores another avalanche and finishes Dan off after a sumo throw.

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